Driveway Decisions

So now that the house is nearing completion we are having to plan and make decisions for handover.   At the top of the list is the driveway.  And with the drive fairly steep we really need it done straight away.  I also hate the thought of dragging all that dust through the house.  Although – there is a lot of dust across the road anyway.

Hubby and I have been getting quotes for the drive and a path around the dead side of the house.  I drove out to Mentone to look at their samples.  This is what I liked.  I always wanted a light colour but now I’m thinking dark.  The lady said the light colour while looks amazing, is likely to look cream against our white house, and is harder to keep clean.  That was enough to push Hubby towards the dark.  I like the dark, but had always imagined light.

What’s your vote?  Dark or light?




Leave your vote below – and if you have a house with similar colours be sure to tag me on Instagram – @Donovansdaily

Week 15: Plaster, plaster, plaster: Boutique Homes Victoria

Week 15 was a busy week.  Monday the 26th of October saw the plaster delivered.  Tuesday the insulation was done, yep the whole house I think.  The garage scaffold also came down I am loving the facade even more.  On Wednesday the WHOLE house was plastered.  I didn’t go upstairs (still hate ladders), but I believe the whole place was done. (well maybe a couple of bits and pieces missing, but the bulk was done)  The plaster guys were on site on thursday, friday and saturday also.  The stopping up was done and the cornice was also happening.

Here are some pictures:

Plaster on site

Plaster on site





plaster up

plaster up









Outdoor Entertainment Area Ideas

My mind often wanders to the outdoor entrainment area…  I have a few ideas of things I would love, some may be to costly and others not practical, and space is certainly a factor – the problem being, there isn’t much of it.  We are blessed to have massive open spaces two doors down and the beautiful Maribyrnong River.  It’s such a gorgeous place to be in Spring and Summer.  As outdoor people, we love going for a run or walk or a bike ride around the river, and the children love nothing more than going to a playground – and we have so many of those to choose from.  Initially we didn’t want to lose so much of our backyard, but we quickly discovered we couldn’t achieve all the indoor areas we wanted and keep the yard.  We figured, with lots of advice from friends with children older than ours, that our kids will quickly grow out of a suburban backyard anyway, and getting the house right, a house that will grow with our changing needs, was far more important.  Especially when we do have all this open land on our doorstep.

We also love to entertain and an important part of our home is the open living,kitchen,dining leading into the alfresco and backyard.  With minimal space I think it is important to get it right.

So here is my wish list – and as I have said it is unlikely that we will achieve this, but a girl’s gotta a dream…  (maybe we can buy the neighbours backyard down the track so we can fit a pool. lol)

  • pool – pretty much impossible given the space and hubby doesn’t want one
  • spa – unlikely also. lol
  • outdoor kitchen, to include ….
  • fridge
  • second oven
  • sink
  • exhaust fan
  • awesome BBQ
  • pizza oven
  • fire pit or fire place (I’m totally loving fire pits at the moment)
  • green plants (that don’t have bugs or insects)
  • blinds to inclose the area when windy or wet
  • lounge suite
  • fan
  • string lights over the open deck
  • an open deck area
  • bench seating
  • some lush green grass
  • low maintenance

Here are some photos of gardens that have caught my eye in recent weeks…


Love the green grass, with the open deck and fire place in this picture on instagram by Sydney Grand Scapes.


Also by Sydney Grand Scapes – love the this deck and bench seating.  Also like the contrast stone.


This image was found on – I love the black, I love the timber and I love the fire.


I like the timber flooring and the stone feature wall.  It is how I imagine our alfresco extending out to the boundary and having space to the right and left as in this picture.  Photo by:


I love the pizza oven, and I think we would actually use it, I love making homemade pizza.  I like how the BBQ is built in along with the fridge.  Image:  unknown – pinterest.

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

I like the deck,  built in seating and the water feature could easily be a fire.  I would change the colour of the render on the walls and change up the platens, but the basic design of this could work.  Image:

I actually have a huge collection of images on pinterest so check out my page for more ideas and mountains of fire pits…

Does anyone have an outdoor fireplace or fire pit?

Do you use it, or do you think you would if you have one?