Week 20 – 22: Our Boutique Homes Victoria Airlie 38 Build

I’ve been a bit slack lately keeping this up to date – the weeks are just flying by, and come Sunday night I just can’t bring myself to turn on the computer.  Thankfully I have been keeping notes on what has been happening for the most part:


WEEK 20:

There was a bobcat on site digging parts up – no actual idea what he was doing I’m assuming it’s plumbing related.



Wednesday had the painters on site.  Thursday saw the cabinetry delivered – this was pretty exciting.  Peeking through the windows I saw that the pantry had mostly be done.  No idea if any of the bathrooms were done, and I could see all of the kitchen ready to go.


Pantry – poor photo through the window





I’m so excited about the kitchen, you should see our rental, there is no pantry at all so imagine all your cupboards and bench space filled with your groceries.  Not fun – but I’m sure I will appreciate our new kitchen even more when we get it.  On Saturday, the cabinet maker was there so I popped in and said hi – and… the kitchen was done, and… it is AMAZING!!!  It is so perfect and so beautiful.  I had been a little worried that the white gloss will be too glossy, and I was really wishing we had gone with a silk finish… but of course it was too late, so I was nervous… But I love it – It looks fabulous and I can’t wait to cook in it.  The island bench is HUGE – just how I wanted it.  I’m really looking forward to seeing the stone bench tops added, because if it looks good with timber there, it will look sensational with the stone!!!

IMG_7633 IMG_7634 IMG_7635 IMG_7636


Butlers Pantry

Butlers Pantry

Other side of Butlers Pantry

Other side of Butlers Pantry

Kids bathroom

Kids bathroom

4th Bedroom ensuite

4th Bedroom ensuite

Master Ensuite

Master Ensuite



WEEK 21:

Monday 7th Dec, 2015:  The electrical fit out happened today, and we had a meeting with council to discuss Water Sensitive Urban Design again.  We do need to build the rain garden before we can get the certificate of occupancy, which means we need to build that before we can move in.  (insert sad face and crying)   By Tuesday the electrical fit out was compete… We have light!!!

Let there be light

Let there be light


A little worried about these under cabinet lights – they are not even.


I also met with the tiler in the morning – he seemed great, and I’m still totally in love with my ensuite floor tiles.

IMG_7627 IMG_7630 IMG_7631 IMG_7626

On Wednesday the shower hobs were tiled and so was the master ensuite floor – and wow, it looks amazing!!!


Kids shower


Kids shower hob with black timber look tiles


Master shower hob


Master ensuite bathroom – OMG, those floors, so in love.


The shelving and wardrobe fit out was also done today.

Downstairs linen press

Downstairs linen press

Upstairs linen press

Upstairs linen press

Master WIR

Master WIR


Master WIR

Master WIR

Master WIR

On Thursday our new staircase was put in – the wrong one was put in.  We didn’t even fully notice that it was wrong.  I had looked at it and was a little confused how it was going to work.  We have a stained staircase and the one put in was just MDF, but I figured that timber was going over the top or something???  Anyway, the new one looks soooooooo much better.  However it is covered to protect it currently.  On Friday, the staircase was completed and all other floor tiles were completed. I’m loving the dark timber look tiles we picked for these areas.


Kids Bathroom

Kids Bathroom


4th Bedroom Ensuite - 3D tile - the photo doesn't show it's true beauty

4th Bedroom Ensuite – 3D tile – the photo doesn’t show it’s true beauty

Master ensuite bath hob

Master ensuite bath hob

Master Shower

Master Shower

I did make a mistake with the large white tiles, the grout lines don’t match up with the square floor tiles.  It does annoy me, but hopefully I don’t notice it when we move in.  I think the colour consultant should have picked up on this.  Not much we can do – hopefully I just look at the beautiful floor.  The kids won’t notice in their bathroom as it’s only in the shower.

The painters were also on site again.  Don’ think anything happened on Saturday.

WEEK 22:

Monday 14th December, 2015 I saw the painters on site again.  I’m assuming they will be back in the new year to finish off.  I am looking forward to seeing Anastasia’s pink room.  It’s currently still white – so either, they have forgotten to paint it pink, or they do white first then paint it pink at the end? Not sure, but not overly concerned as it’s just paint and easy to ‘fix’ if it has been forgotten.  On Wednesday the garage roller door was put on.  I’m not sure if the back roller door is on too.  I’m very happy with the choice – love it.

Roller door on

Roller door on


So week 23 is the week of Christmas, so considering that not a whole lot happened last week, I doubt much, if anything will happen next week.  Then it’s shut down time (insert another sad face).  We have been sent an e-mail saying the stone bench tops are booked for January 6th and the Plumbing Fit off for the 11th.  So I’m really hoping that happens and that the house doesn’t slow too much in the new year.  We are sooooooooo close – I’m ready to move in!!!

So I guess it’s time to enjoy Christmas with my family and friends and enjoy the Boxing Day sales, because this year I can actually buy things as our house will actually finish. Yeah!!!  Although, hubby has already given me the ‘Budget talk’ – I really don’t like the “B” word.  So I’m keeping it simple with my shopping list… some new towels and a kettle, pendant lights, and maybe a new bed for us.  I’m pretty sure I’m getting a rain garden, blinds, plantation shutters and a concrete drive for Christmas!!!

Thank you for following our build, and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year.  For the first time in a long time, I am actually so excited for the new year and happy for the holidays to pass.  I am really looking forward to moving into our house and making it home.  Oh and so excited to finally feel settled – we will be 6 house moves in 6 years next year and we don’t plan on doing it again anytime soon.  If you are enjoying your first Christmas in your new home I hope it’s everything you imagined.


Week 18 & 19: Our Boutique Home. Airlie 38 Blog

So the last two weeks haven’t fully gone to plan, painting was due to be finished but it looks like only one coat has been done.  It’s a bit of a shame, but what can you do (other than continue to stalk and imagine where you will put a couch, a photo or a pendant)

I believe the kitchen and other cabinetry is due for this week (Week 20), so it will be interesting to see if this happens as the painting isn’t finished.  I’m really looking forward to seeing the kitchen.  I’m a little worried about our gloss cabinets – I’m really thinking we should have done a silk finish… not much I can do about it now. Hopefully it looks cool.  It is exactly the same as the Wollert display, and that looked good, so I’m sure it will be fine.  Fingers crossed.

I am going to ring around and start getting some quotes on plantation shutters and extra cabinetry this week.  It’s still hard to believe that the house will actually finish – so I need to stop being in denial and believe it will and get cracking on a few things.

I want to price a built in entertainment unit, with cabinets and drawers.  Also cabinetry for my sewing room, mud room and vanity area.  I think I can already hear the $$$$ clinking to the ground.  Hubby keeps giving me the “prioritise” lecture – that I need to list in order, the things I want done first.  Apparently a drive way and blinds are important – lol.  I thought a nice piece of art would be great and a new couch. ha ha.

Anyway, so my first step is to get an idea on how much things cost – as my list is l-o-n-g!!!

So here’s to a good week with more progress, as Christmas is only 3 weeks away and nothing will happen then. (insert tears. lol)

Oh, and another Boutique is about to start building across the road – it will be interesting to see what design it is…

Week 16 & 17 of our Boutique Homes Victoria Build – Goodbye Ladder, Hello Stairs & Lock Up

Week 16 was extremely quiet – most likely because everyone was watching the race that stops a nation… yep, it was Melbourne Cup Carnival Week.  We are huge Spring Carnival lovers, so we were very busy.  A good distraction from usual stalking of our home!!!  I actually didn’t see anyone on site this week, but in saying that I was busy, so I may have missed someone on site. But, I know lots of trades and they all had extra long weekends too.

Week 17, however was great… I finally got to say goodbye to the ladder (insert clap here). I really hate climbing ladders so I was super excited to climb the stairs.  The staircase was great.  To be honest it was a little different to how I imagined.  I thought there was going to be a flat landing halfway up, but there was another step.  Both the display homes had the flat landing and I was keen for that.  Unfortunately, when I looked over the plans – yes those plans we signed off on, there on that sheet of paper was that extra pesky step I didn’t want.  So there was our first major oversight.  In the end it’s not that major, it’s just not exactly as I had imagined.  The staircase plans are kind of confusing so be sure to check them over.

The staircase window is also standard, which is quite narrow.  I did look at it and think – gosh, maybe we should have upgraded it, but in the end it looks directly into our neighbours unfinished (for 15 years) home – a sight I don’t actually want to see.  So therefore, I’m not going to loose sleep over that.  (plus I have the upgraded ones in the lounge/dining/kitchen which I LOVE!!!)

Week 17 also saw the skirting boards put on (still wish they went after the floorboards – I still hate beading) and the arch’s were finished too (I think).  We also have doors everywhere.  External doors are on, and all sliding doors internally. Yeah!!!  Although my daughter doesn’t like the front door “It’s GREEN mum – it looks yuk”  ha ha.  Can’t wait to see it painted.

Oh and we are at LOCK UP!!!

The locked front door

The locked front door

The internal garage door

The internal garage door

The external laundry door

The external laundry door

That pesky extra step in my staircase - but love the NO ladder

That pesky extra step in my staircase – but love the NO ladder

The stairwell window

The stairwell window

Looking down from the top floor - just a little more plaster to go.

Looking down from the top floor – just a little more plaster to go.

Has anyone else missed something on their plans?

Week 15: Plaster, plaster, plaster: Boutique Homes Victoria

Week 15 was a busy week.  Monday the 26th of October saw the plaster delivered.  Tuesday the insulation was done, yep the whole house I think.  The garage scaffold also came down I am loving the facade even more.  On Wednesday the WHOLE house was plastered.  I didn’t go upstairs (still hate ladders), but I believe the whole place was done. (well maybe a couple of bits and pieces missing, but the bulk was done)  The plaster guys were on site on thursday, friday and saturday also.  The stopping up was done and the cornice was also happening.

Here are some pictures:

Plaster on site

Plaster on site





plaster up

plaster up









Week 14: Our Boutique Home, Airlie 38

So the scaffold was collected from the nature strip on Monday, and the site looks nice and clean now.  Driving past on Tuesday morning I didn’t notice anyone but on the way home later that night I noticed some simple scaffold around the garage, so I am assuming the remaining roof will be going on this week – and I think we must be officially at lock up???  So exciting.

Scaffold on the garage ready for the remaining roof

Scaffold on the garage ready for the remaining roof

Outdoor Entertainment Area Ideas

My mind often wanders to the outdoor entrainment area…  I have a few ideas of things I would love, some may be to costly and others not practical, and space is certainly a factor – the problem being, there isn’t much of it.  We are blessed to have massive open spaces two doors down and the beautiful Maribyrnong River.  It’s such a gorgeous place to be in Spring and Summer.  As outdoor people, we love going for a run or walk or a bike ride around the river, and the children love nothing more than going to a playground – and we have so many of those to choose from.  Initially we didn’t want to lose so much of our backyard, but we quickly discovered we couldn’t achieve all the indoor areas we wanted and keep the yard.  We figured, with lots of advice from friends with children older than ours, that our kids will quickly grow out of a suburban backyard anyway, and getting the house right, a house that will grow with our changing needs, was far more important.  Especially when we do have all this open land on our doorstep.

We also love to entertain and an important part of our home is the open living,kitchen,dining leading into the alfresco and backyard.  With minimal space I think it is important to get it right.

So here is my wish list – and as I have said it is unlikely that we will achieve this, but a girl’s gotta a dream…  (maybe we can buy the neighbours backyard down the track so we can fit a pool. lol)

  • pool – pretty much impossible given the space and hubby doesn’t want one
  • spa – unlikely also. lol
  • outdoor kitchen, to include ….
  • fridge
  • second oven
  • sink
  • exhaust fan
  • awesome BBQ
  • pizza oven
  • fire pit or fire place (I’m totally loving fire pits at the moment)
  • green plants (that don’t have bugs or insects)
  • blinds to inclose the area when windy or wet
  • lounge suite
  • fan
  • string lights over the open deck
  • an open deck area
  • bench seating
  • some lush green grass
  • low maintenance

Here are some photos of gardens that have caught my eye in recent weeks…


Love the green grass, with the open deck and fire place in this picture on instagram by Sydney Grand Scapes.


Also by Sydney Grand Scapes – love the this deck and bench seating.  Also like the contrast stone.


This image was found on decoholic.org – I love the black, I love the timber and I love the fire.


I like the timber flooring and the stone feature wall.  It is how I imagine our alfresco extending out to the boundary and having space to the right and left as in this picture.  Photo by:   http://www.butlerdevelopments.com.au/pergolas


I love the pizza oven, and I think we would actually use it, I love making homemade pizza.  I like how the BBQ is built in along with the fridge.  Image:  unknown – pinterest.

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

I like the deck,  built in seating and the water feature could easily be a fire.  I would change the colour of the render on the walls and change up the platens, but the basic design of this could work.  Image: http://gcdecking.com.au/entertainment-areas/

I actually have a huge collection of images on pinterest so check out my page for more ideas and mountains of fire pits…  https://www.pinterest.com/donovanjoanne/

Does anyone have an outdoor fireplace or fire pit?

Do you use it, or do you think you would if you have one?

Week 13: Our Boutique Home, Airlie 38: Scaffold comes down

So I’m a couple of days late in getting this post done – sorry!!!

Week 13 was another busy week.  The electrical rough in was done, the weather boards were completed and painted, and the big deal – the scaffold came down.  The scaffold came down on Saturday and was picked up on Monday of Week 14.

I’m so in love with the facade.  Here are a couple of pics of my White House…

Scaffold down and ready to be collected

Scaffold down and ready to be collected


Garage roof still to be done - the scaffold was in the way.

Garage roof still to be done – the scaffold was in the way.

Close up of upstairs

Close up of upstairs

Wires, wires and more wires

Wires, wires and more wires


View of our house from the estate across the road

View of our house from the estate across the road

A long distance view from the new playground across the road

A long distance view from the new playground across the road

Has anyone else built a White House?

Do you love your tin roof?

It had been built at the top of a slight incline which made

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Week 12: Our Airlie Continues, Boutique Homes Victoria

Week 12 has been and gone – and our beautiful home is continuing to develop.  This week we had to come up with a plan for a heating/cooling vent that couldn’t be. Basically the plumbing stack on the plans doesn’t line up correctly.  We were given a few options to overcome this, but I came up with my own… we are going to have a small box built into a wardrobe in the master bedroom which allows the downstairs study to get a vent.  I’m not really sure how to explain that all correctly, but the point is we got it sorted with minimal fuss.  A minor hurdle really, and given that we have a whole room for a walk-in robe, this box in the separate robe isn’t a big deal.

I actually thought the bricks were finished last week, but they weren’t quite done, so the brick layers were there again this week.  The weather board also went on the front facade, however they ran out – somebody has maths skills worse than mine!!!  The painters painted the eaves and the weather boards that have been installed.  They look great painted – and I’m still loving my ‘white house’.  My hubby said he saw some electrical prep too.  I believe the upstairs bricks were cleaned also.

Here are some pictures, still hard to see past the scaffold – which is due to come down at the end of the week all being well.  Can’t wait to see the house fully.







So here is to another week – and another step closer to lock up!!!  I love my house already…

Week 11: Airlie 38 by Boutique Homes Victoria

It’s been another great week – the house is looking great (even with scaffold covering it).  The bricks look finished to me, so the facade just needs the weather board (or whatever it’s technically called) added.  I’m pretty certain that is due to get done next week.  The eaves are also done, and they look great.  I’ve always loved eaves – a random thing to love I know, but I really think they finish a house.  And with our house being so high up, it would look bald without them, as you can’t see the roof from the footpath.

There were a lot of cars on site on Thursday.  The garage wall on the boundary was completed and it looks great.  I think our neighbours will be happy with that.  They are currently overseas, with their daughter housesitting, so hopefully they love it.  We had a brick wall on the boundary previously, which they loved, but we had to knock it down for structural safety reasons.  The new one is further to the front than the previous one, but it looks well executed.  Unlike our neighbours on the other side who have a brick wall running close to the entire length of the property – with one section that looks like it could easily fall down on us.

The scaffold is due to come down in roughly a fortnight – so I think the next two weeks should see the eaves painted, the weather boards put on and painted, and the render painted, and I would also assume the air-conditioning unit put on the roof???  But I don’t actually know, that’s just me guessing.  It will be exciting to the see the house in all its glory with the scaffold down – I can’t wait.

Here are some pictures – again some of them have terrible lighting as from the front you are looking towards the sun.

Hard to see, but the eaves are there

Hard to see, but the eaves are there

IMG_6748 IMG_6747

The inside of the garage wall – it certainly isn’t as pretty as the outside – but you won’t see that so I’m not worried.

The weather boards (I think) ready to go on next week.  They will be upstairs at the front of the house only.
IMG_6745 The new garage wall on the boundary – still loving my bricks.  So glad we upgraded them, and because we upgraded them, we took the render off them.  The original facade design was completely rendered.  I’m not a massive fan of render, unless it is the whole house, and with these beautiful bricks why would you cover them up???IMG_6744 IMG_6721

Week round up:

Mon Sep 28, 2015 – Didn’t notice any change or see anyone on site

Tues Sep 29, 2015 – On site

Wedensday Sep 30, 2015 – On site.  I think most of the brickwork is now done, just the garage to go.  And possibly plaster delivered (or something that looked like that?)

Thursday Oct 1, 2015 – Very busy on site; brick work looks finished, eaves on.

Friday Oct 2, 2015 –  AFL Grand Final Public Holiday – I didn’t go past today, but I’m assuming nobody was there!  I guess they deserve a day off. lol.

Sat Oct 3, 2015 – AFL Grand Final Day – didn’t see anyone.  I guess they were watching the footy – how rude, I want my house finished! lol.

Looking forward to another progressive week – and maybe next year we can host Grand Final Day!!!