Week 12: Our Airlie Continues, Boutique Homes Victoria

Week 12 has been and gone – and our beautiful home is continuing to develop.  This week we had to come up with a plan for a heating/cooling vent that couldn’t be. Basically the plumbing stack on the plans doesn’t line up correctly.  We were given a few options to overcome this, but I came up with my own… we are going to have a small box built into a wardrobe in the master bedroom which allows the downstairs study to get a vent.  I’m not really sure how to explain that all correctly, but the point is we got it sorted with minimal fuss.  A minor hurdle really, and given that we have a whole room for a walk-in robe, this box in the separate robe isn’t a big deal.

I actually thought the bricks were finished last week, but they weren’t quite done, so the brick layers were there again this week.  The weather board also went on the front facade, however they ran out – somebody has maths skills worse than mine!!!  The painters painted the eaves and the weather boards that have been installed.  They look great painted – and I’m still loving my ‘white house’.  My hubby said he saw some electrical prep too.  I believe the upstairs bricks were cleaned also.

Here are some pictures, still hard to see past the scaffold – which is due to come down at the end of the week all being well.  Can’t wait to see the house fully.







So here is to another week – and another step closer to lock up!!!  I love my house already…

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