Week 11: Airlie 38 by Boutique Homes Victoria

It’s been another great week – the house is looking great (even with scaffold covering it).  The bricks look finished to me, so the facade just needs the weather board (or whatever it’s technically called) added.  I’m pretty certain that is due to get done next week.  The eaves are also done, and they look great.  I’ve always loved eaves – a random thing to love I know, but I really think they finish a house.  And with our house being so high up, it would look bald without them, as you can’t see the roof from the footpath.

There were a lot of cars on site on Thursday.  The garage wall on the boundary was completed and it looks great.  I think our neighbours will be happy with that.  They are currently overseas, with their daughter housesitting, so hopefully they love it.  We had a brick wall on the boundary previously, which they loved, but we had to knock it down for structural safety reasons.  The new one is further to the front than the previous one, but it looks well executed.  Unlike our neighbours on the other side who have a brick wall running close to the entire length of the property – with one section that looks like it could easily fall down on us.

The scaffold is due to come down in roughly a fortnight – so I think the next two weeks should see the eaves painted, the weather boards put on and painted, and the render painted, and I would also assume the air-conditioning unit put on the roof???  But I don’t actually know, that’s just me guessing.  It will be exciting to the see the house in all its glory with the scaffold down – I can’t wait.

Here are some pictures – again some of them have terrible lighting as from the front you are looking towards the sun.

Hard to see, but the eaves are there

Hard to see, but the eaves are there

IMG_6748 IMG_6747

The inside of the garage wall – it certainly isn’t as pretty as the outside – but you won’t see that so I’m not worried.

The weather boards (I think) ready to go on next week.  They will be upstairs at the front of the house only.
IMG_6745 The new garage wall on the boundary – still loving my bricks.  So glad we upgraded them, and because we upgraded them, we took the render off them.  The original facade design was completely rendered.  I’m not a massive fan of render, unless it is the whole house, and with these beautiful bricks why would you cover them up???IMG_6744 IMG_6721

Week round up:

Mon Sep 28, 2015 – Didn’t notice any change or see anyone on site

Tues Sep 29, 2015 – On site

Wedensday Sep 30, 2015 – On site.  I think most of the brickwork is now done, just the garage to go.  And possibly plaster delivered (or something that looked like that?)

Thursday Oct 1, 2015 – Very busy on site; brick work looks finished, eaves on.

Friday Oct 2, 2015 –  AFL Grand Final Public Holiday – I didn’t go past today, but I’m assuming nobody was there!  I guess they deserve a day off. lol.

Sat Oct 3, 2015 – AFL Grand Final Day – didn’t see anyone.  I guess they were watching the footy – how rude, I want my house finished! lol.

Looking forward to another progressive week – and maybe next year we can host Grand Final Day!!!

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