Our Boutique Build – Week 7: Windows

So week 7 saw the windows put in and our fantastic framers move across the road to frame a new Boutique home… I wonder what house they are building?.

As for the windows there are quite a few missing glass panels and my neighbour said she heard the sound of glass smashing a few times – oops!!!  I did see a glazier turn up, but from the front it still looks like the panels are missing.  I’m not worried – I know the glass will get fixed.  I also braved “The Ladder” and had a little sticky beak upstairs. WOW – we have a great view!!!  But sadly, across the road will be houses so that view will most likely go.  There is also a view of the playground at the park from the back bedroom which I didn’t know existed.  This view will be lost also, as it is a wall.  Even if we had put a window, it would have been frosted glass as it looks into the neighbours backyard so no view regardless.  The space in the kids bedrooms feels good, and our Grand Master is MASSIVE, and I am told the rooms feel even bigger when they are plastered!!! I have ideas for the children’s bedrooms, but not so much for our room.

So the summary for Week 7 Stalking is:

Mon August 31, 2015: Carpenters working on the frame, and windows put in.

Tuesday September 1, 2015:  Support posts put in.  Frame inspection.  (Result = excellent job done. Yeah.)

Wednesday September 2, 2015:  Ground floor wrap.  Small batch of bricks arrived

Thursday September 3, 2015:  Noticed a glazier truck pull up

Friday:  Don’t think anyone was there

Saturday September 5, 2015:  Noticed a delivery of sand for the bricks

So I am assuming that brickwork will start in Week 8 – can’t wait to see the bricks – hopefully I like them.  We did upgrade them, so I am hoping it was money well spent.

Timber support pole put in at front entry

Timber support pole put in at front entry

The fridge & microwave area with timber backing

The fridge & microwave area with timber backing

My favourite window - the dining area.  LOVE LOVE LOVE this giant fixed window.

My favourite window – the dining area. LOVE LOVE LOVE this giant fixed window.

I am so in LOVE with this giant fixed window in the dining space.  This window was in both display homes of the Airlie and both hubby and I loved it.  It looks just as wonderful as I hoped it would.  I had the vision of putting the old metal inserts from the original homes front brick fence on the wall outside the window – but sadly somebody stole them.  I’m pretty sad but there is nothing I can do now.  So I think we will pull this timber fence down and just have the brick wall – maybe a cool painting on the wall???

Master Bedroom windows

Master Bedroom windows

Hello Walk-in robe

Hello Walk-in robe

Staircase window

Staircase window

Maybe a bigger window was required here??? But with a view like that from next door – maybe this will be fine.

So that is a sample of the windows – the fixed splash back windows are still to go in I believe.


Wrapping and bricks 

The dark bricks I am assuming are the ones that get rendered as I certainly didn’t choose them.  The light ones on the right look like the ones I picked!!!

I am so excited to see the bricks start and am thrilled that everything is going well so far.

Hopefully my week 8 update has some great photos to share!!!

Has anyone else been over-excited by windows or am I the only one???


4 thoughts on “Our Boutique Build – Week 7: Windows

  1. What facade are you having??
    House is coming a long nicely we just had our plans endorsed and now have been given 4 to 6 weeks until we find out construction date..
    How long did you have to wait from having plans endorsed by council until you went to site??
    We so want to start building our Airlie too 😊 Andrijana

  2. You mentioned you had a frame inspection. Was this done by boutiques buildi g inspector or did you hire your own? We are considering building the Marseille with Boutique. I love reading your blog. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

    • Hi Michael
      Thanks for reading. We used our own inspector. We are lucky to have family members in the building industry so we just use them to look over the frame. From the forums/blogs I have read, it sounds like a good investment to have an independent inspection. Feel free to ask any other questions, and good luck with your build journey.

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