Week 3 Round up – Boutique Homes Victoria; Airlie

This past week has been a great one!!!  I’m feeling really positive about our new home, and thankful we stuck it out, as there have certainly been times when I questioned our decision to knock down and re-build.

I met our Site Supervisor (SS) during the week, and he seems excellent.  Our neighbour had called us a little concerned about a few things so I organised to meet with them both (neighbour and SS).  The SS was incredibly understanding towards our neighbour and explained what was going on and what else to expect in the next couple of days.  He was calm and caring and it gave me a good feeling. As it turned out though, the guys doing the slab prep had already explained everything to our neighbour in the morning, they even knew his name – so in my eyes another tick.

Cheers again to the slab prep guys – they were digging trenches and doing their stuff in the pouring rain!!!  I was certain when it was pelting down on my way to school drop off that nobody would be on-site, but to my shock there they were not huddled up in their cars, but outside in the mud. And there is plenty of mud, between the mud from our site, the naturestrip which the council dug up next door for pipes or something, plus the development across the road where they are creating driveways and also digging up the naturestrip, there is a lot of mud going on.  Lets hope some sunshine dries it all up soon.

And lets hope the sun shines tomorrow (Monday 10th of August, 2015) – I think the concrete will be flowing… yeah!!!!  And if the concrete flows, expect a photo of the champagne flowing at our slab party!!! lol.  BUT, the forecast is showers I think so lets hope the rain stays away.

So, a great week was had in the land of Build – lets hope this coming one is great too!!! It’s all about being positive at the moment (and K-Mart – kmart home wares to be specific.)

Check out the photos below of the past week… yes, I’m still stalking. lol.  But I’m more of a “Drive By Stalker” – most of these photos are from my hubby… so who is the stalker now??? ha ha.

Did you or will you have a slab party?  I’m pretty sure I will – well, i’ll just have a glass with my hubby, it certainly is a big step worth celebrating!!!

Slab prep

Slab prep






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