We are going to site… Airlie 38 Boutique Homes Victoria

It is with much excitement that our file was finally moved to the Construction Department – Yeah!!!  It moved yesterday – Wednesday July 15th 2015, and we were notified today (Thursday July 16th) that we will go to site next Thursday!!!  So in ONE WEEK!!!  I’m so excited, and thrilled that this happened quickly with Boutique.  So now I’m just praying for a smooth build, and that the weather God’s are on our side.  I went for a walk this morning around the river, and felt myself daydreaming about the beautiful Airlie – I really can’t wait to see something happen.  I’m also mindful not to get over excited, as we are about to start building in the middle of winter, so I’m sure there will be delays – so please, cold, wet, Melbourne weather, go away until our house is at lock up.

Get ready for progress updates… I’ve never been so excited at the thought of seeing a portaloo!!! lol.


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