Demolition – Knock Down Re-Build

So finally something has happened… My last post was in September… and sadly nothing of excitement has happened.  We have still been dealing with council – I will go into detail on that once everything is good and the house actually starts (or even finishes) It’s been a massive process to get to this point, so much harder than I imagined.

The timing of our demolition wasn’t exactly great, we tried to sell a few things – which we did, but we could have sold so much more if we had more time.  Trying to do things over the Christmas period was a little hard.  Our kitchen was relatively new, and I was a bit sad to see it smashed to the ground, but what can you do.

I sold most things on gum tree – but by the end, we were away on holidays and it was too hard to sell things when you aren’t around. The empty house also got broken into a few times and I felt uneasy about going there with two children in tow to meet people.  We had been living in another house and were moving out of that (and in with my Mother in Law) so at the same time I was packing and putting our whole life into storage.  There just wasn’t enough hours in the day to manage both and a family (and Christmas) etc etc.

We did manage to sell – the oven, the dishwasher (it was only a few months old), all free standing wardrobes, some retro sliding doors, and the air conditioner.  A friend took the kitchen overhead cupboards.  I had offers for the vanity and the front door but couldn’t organise the time to actually meet people.  (such a shame, but once the new house comes I won’t think about it.)  I wanted to keep the back door and the house number, but sadly missed my opportunity and there was no place to store the door – our storage unit was packed to the rafters)

So here are some pictures – it was a little sad to see a solid house, without a single crack in the wall go to rubble, but the new house will be amazing (I hope)








Some things to consider for demolition:

1.  Get a few quotes – they vary so much in price.

2.  Speak with your neighbours – it can be very stressful for them too

3.  Organise temporary fencing – some builders only supply it for the actual build, NOT demolition (and again get a few quotes)

4.  If you have time – sell off everything… There was so much more I could have sold. All sales help in the end… unless you are flush with cash.

5.  Our demo guys were so great – they were so lovely to my neighbour who was quite stressed out by the process.  They even moved some pavers of ours into her yard so she could use them.

So, again we are in the holding bay just waiting and waiting.  It’s been such a long wait – hopefully the new house will be worth all of this pain (because at this point I’m not feeling it)

Does anybody else have some good tips for demolition?

2 thoughts on “Demolition – Knock Down Re-Build

  1. Hi, we are about to start the whole knock down re-build process in melbourne and was wondering who you used for demolition? Any recommendations are appreciated.

    • Hi Tammy, hopefully this isn’t too late – sorry! We used Melway Demolition. They were great and were really happy with them. Good luck – it’s a long road but worth it in the end.

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