Jack & The Beanstalk 2nd Birthday

So my baby turned TWO in January!!!  I can’t believe it – where did that two years go?  When thinking of a party theme we were reading Jack and the beanstalk over and over – he loved the giant!!!  So that is where the theme came from.

I searched on pinterest and google, and I was surprised to find that there hadn’t been many parties done using this theme.  But what had been done, had been done well!!!

There were 10 children attending the party of varying ages and their parents. It turned out pouring with rain -ALL day, so the games I had planned got the ‘axe’.  Although it rained, it wasn’t cold.  It was hot and very humid – causing some issues with the food. Jack’s cottage (the cake) melted and was falling apart, but my little man didn’t care – he was thrilled!!!

So here are some pictures… enjoy!

Welcome sign –
Fee – Fi Fo Fum I smell the blood of a party guest. Be he alive or be he dead, stay out here and you’ll be bread.
Quick – come in Jack’s BEAN waiting for you!

Sweets Table

Green Milk

The melting cake and hand stamped chocolates

Harp cookies. These also struggled in the humid conditions. They were dipped in white chocolate and then I piped the actual harp

Giants gold coins and green jelly

The spoons were hand stamped but that even melted away :(

Golden egg cake pops

The table setting – complete with beanstalk to the roof

The children all planted their own beanstalk seeds

I created masks of all the characters and the children (and some parents) acted out the story

The birthday boy with his melting cake!!!

Stamps & Labels – Stampin’ Up (you can purchase these products through me!!!)

Harp Cookie Cutter – Harp Connection, USA

Mini Milk bottles – The Little Big Company, Melbourne

Lollies – The professors, Castle Hill Sydney

Food & Decorations – made by me: Dapple Grey

2 thoughts on “Jack & The Beanstalk 2nd Birthday

  1. Love love love this party Jo! You went all out! So cute. Have you bought all the jars and bottles and things now or did you hire them? All looked lovely. Can’t believe he’s 2!

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