Olympics Party

Prior to having children I taught Physical Education & Sport so as you can imagine I am a lover of the Olympic Games.  To celebrate, my little family hosted a small get together to watch the opening ceremony replay. Although in the end, my husband and I got up at 5.30am to watch, we figured that we wouldn’t be able to watch fully with a house full of kids.

I put together this small simple table for the celebration.  My three year old daughter and I made the paper chains to represent the Olympic rings. She loved making them and was thrilled when I hung them up. She was very excited for the pending party but really didn’t understand what the Olympics was. She kept asking “but who’s party is it?” Sorry darling, no singing of ‘happy birthday’ at this party, although we did have cake.

I purchased a sponge from Woolworths, to save time, filled it with cream and jam and added icing sugar on top.  Some flags from around the world topped it off.  I made the chocolate cup cakes from scratch using a recipe from the Australian Breastfeeding Association Cook Book – I love this book, my mum used it when I was child and she gave me a copy when I was pregnant.

I purchased some individual chocolate bars from Aldi and changed the wrapper to the colours of the olympic rings. I also then printed hollow olympic rings on white paper and the children were then able to colour them in.

I made layered jelly in the colours of the rings, although these didn’t turn out as well as I had planned. I should have put a white layer in between the colours so they stood out better. It ended up just looking dark – if you look closely you can see different colours :)

Lamingtons purchased from Coles gave an Australian taste, jelly beans in the colour of the rings again. Lolly bananas, licorice and red frogs added some more colour. Water served in mini glass bottles with vintage looking red paper straws (available through Dapple Grey) were a hit.  For lunch we had Mini Pizza (Italy), Guinness Pies (Ireland), Hot Dogs (USA) and Sausages (Germany).  Finishing with a fruit platter.

A simple and easy table that was inexpensive and easy to create.

Go Aussies!!!


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