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I NEED more Children…

Before my friends and family start talking – it’s not what you think. Well maybe a little… It’s no secret I wanted a big family, but my darling husband wasn’t thinking as big as I was, and my plans for this big family was before I had even started a family, and well before I had any idea how hard it actually was. Anyway, we have two beautiful children, our daughter born in April, is three and our son born in January, is one.  So here is my dilemma – party season is over for us….   To add to my dilemma, we now live in Sydney (and have for two years at the end of this month), originally coming from Melbourne.  So even though my closest girlfriends are all starting their families I’m so far away.  Hence, why I need more children…Anybodies children!!!

My latest obsession is party planning!!! And now that my babies birthdays are done and dusted and I have started planning next years events (yes I know they are months away) I need something soon.  I actually just styled a table for a corporate event, but it was in Brisbane.  So I basically just organised lollies in the businesses colours and made a bunting to match. A friend put the table together for me. While the table looked great for the resources she had, it didn’t fulfil my creative bug – I want more. I’m a little bit of perfectionist with creative things and my mind was a buzz with all the ideas… if only it was in Sydney.  Being asked to do this event was a thrill, and came from others seeing my children’s birthday parties. It did get me thinking – is this a possible venture for Dapple Grey???

One of my best girlfriends son is about to turn ONE!!! I’m so excited – but again the party is in Melbourne, and I just don’t think I can fit another trip back in.  Anyway, she came to visit me recently and she wasn’t really sure what to do. I was like OMG – a paaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrtttttttttttttttttttttttttyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!  It’s very hard to have a small party, we have a large group of friends, so does her husband. They are both from large families, and she is close with her work friends. Not to mention that is just the adults – add all the children and it’s huge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was totally excited, but she just put it into the too hard basket.  Yes, it was like a knife in my creative heart.  (I still love you friend x)  Anyway, I told her to get her ‘spirit fingers’ out (think cheerleaders) and start planning – I would help of course.  If I was in Melbourne I probably would have become a control freak and tried to take over – but alas I’m not.  I will keep you updated on her plans – they keep changing. (again said with love dear friend)

A future project for this possible venture is my sisters wedding. She is getting married in December.  I’m thinking a candy bar/dessert table/sweets table (call it as you wish) is a must.  She isn’t so sure yet, I’ve got a few months to talk her round.  She isn’t as over the top with this kind of stuff as I am – although I think I would get her future husband over line!!!

If I had a money tree and money wasn’t an option, I would go crazy with planning my children’s parties.  I’m not much of a cook, but I LOVE to bake… I just don’t do it that often as I then want to eat it all, and that isn’t good for the waistline. (said as I tuck into my third milkyway…shhhhhh)

My daughter’s first birthday was pretty big – 66 adults and 33 children from memory, all in our small three bedroom home.  The theme was “Jungle” as my daughter loved lions and tigers.  I happened to come across an amazing jungle cake in the newspaper. I enquired, but at above $600 – that wasn’t going to happen. I decided to give it a go myself.  I started making animals out of icing a few weeks in advance.  I used two fake layers – of polystyrene, to make the tiers as I didn’t have cake tins big enough.  It turned out better than expected, even though I was painting spots on the giraffe as guests were arriving.  It wasn’t anywhere near perfect like the one in the picture – but I made it, and I was proud.

I got the Art teacher from the school I worked at to create a backdrop – it was the same animals from the invite – it looked spectacular!!!

My mum and I made the birthday girl a lion costume – she was super cute. In the days leading up to her party she would put the hood on a roar – she loved it. But on the day, she wasn’t so happy, so the lion costume didn’t last long.

For my daughters second birthday, we drove from Sydney to Melbourne.  It was at Easter so I made her a rabbit cake.  I had had this cake myself as a little girl when my own birthday fell on Easter.  It was so simple and from the Women’s Weekly Cake Book my mum used. I love this cake book!!!  We didn’t have an actual party, just went to the park with family.  I think we were still recovering from her first birthday!!!

As this entry has become longer than planned – I will do this years events in another blog.   Do you ‘theme’ your children’s parties?  If you don’t have children yet – will you?

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  1. Loving your passion for parties jo. keep up the good work, loving what you are doing and where you are headed with Dapple Grey.

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