Driveway Decisions

So now that the house is nearing completion we are having to plan and make decisions for handover.   At the top of the list is the driveway.  And with the drive fairly steep we really need it done straight away.  I also hate the thought of dragging all that dust through the house.  Although – there is a lot of dust across the road anyway.

Hubby and I have been getting quotes for the drive and a path around the dead side of the house.  I drove out to Mentone to look at their samples.  This is what I liked.  I always wanted a light colour but now I’m thinking dark.  The lady said the light colour while looks amazing, is likely to look cream against our white house, and is harder to keep clean.  That was enough to push Hubby towards the dark.  I like the dark, but had always imagined light.

What’s your vote?  Dark or light?




Leave your vote below – and if you have a house with similar colours be sure to tag me on Instagram – @Donovansdaily

3 thoughts on “Driveway Decisions

  1. The light colour will make the driveway more like part of the house, while the dark one will make the house stands out. I personally like the white one – downside is more maintenance of course. Dark one will be quite hot on hot days.

    Am choosing the same bricks, and light coloured concrete. The build it would be a long way away and it’s a 1 level house.

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