Lolly Table – 13th Birthday

I styled a Lolly Table for a friends daughters 13th birthday party – I still can’t believe she is 13.  I’m sure she was a newborn just yesterday!!!  I totally forgot to take a photo early in the night, and by the time I remembered it was dark, hence the poor photo quality.  It was a simple table but the blue looked great on the night.  The children were so excited when the   table “opened” and the sweet treats were gone in a few minutes.  Happy 13th Mikayla!!!


Smart Exposure’s McGrath Foundation Fundraising Lunch 2013

It’s been almost a year since this event, but I just stumbled across these photos and thought they were too beautiful to not share.  I was really proud of this table and so honoured to be a part of this day.  Thanks to Anissa from Smart Exposure for asking me to style this table for the McGrath Foundation Luncheon.  It was a fabulous day, and hopefully  I can make this years event.


Unicorn 4th Birthday Party

So my daughters birthday was in April – hmmmm, are we really in August??? When did that happen?  My daughter is party obsessed – I wonder where she gets that from?  She might take after my husbands side in looks, but she is all me in terms of creative spirit. (insert proud face here – any former students of mine will know what I’m referring to

So here is a pile of photos and then I will discuss the list of vendors or products. Enjoy – she certainly did.



So where to start…

Height Adjustable Trestle Tables – Bunnings.  These have been a great investment and will grow with the children

Chairs – IKEA.  I was lucky enough to be able to borrow extra of these from work

Lace Table Cloth – Made by me – Dapple Grey.  Fits standard trestle table. Available for hire

Pink & White Wooden Display Unit – Painted by Dapple Grey. Available for hire.

Apothecary Jars – Available for hire – Dapple Grey

Scollop decorations – Made with Stampin’ Up 6cm Scollop Punch $AU29.95 + p&h available for order through me

Streamers and other decorations – Any party supply warehouse

Cake & Cake Pops – made by me

Vintage Look Paper Straws – Dapple Grey $7+p&h available in a variety of colours

Unicorn Horns – made by Dapple Grey

Unicorn cookie cutter – E-bay.  Used for cake and on cookies which were party favours.

If you would like information on products available for hire, Stampin’ Up products, and handmade party decorations please contact


Jack & The Beanstalk 2nd Birthday

So my baby turned TWO in January!!!  I can’t believe it – where did that two years go?  When thinking of a party theme we were reading Jack and the beanstalk over and over – he loved the giant!!!  So that is where the theme came from.

I searched on pinterest and google, and I was surprised to find that there hadn’t been many parties done using this theme.  But what had been done, had been done well!!!

There were 10 children attending the party of varying ages and their parents. It turned out pouring with rain -ALL day, so the games I had planned got the ‘axe’.  Although it rained, it wasn’t cold.  It was hot and very humid – causing some issues with the food. Jack’s cottage (the cake) melted and was falling apart, but my little man didn’t care – he was thrilled!!!

So here are some pictures… enjoy!

Welcome sign –
Fee – Fi Fo Fum I smell the blood of a party guest. Be he alive or be he dead, stay out here and you’ll be bread.
Quick – come in Jack’s BEAN waiting for you!

Sweets Table

Green Milk

The melting cake and hand stamped chocolates

Harp cookies. These also struggled in the humid conditions. They were dipped in white chocolate and then I piped the actual harp

Giants gold coins and green jelly

The spoons were hand stamped but that even melted away :(

Golden egg cake pops

The table setting – complete with beanstalk to the roof

The children all planted their own beanstalk seeds

I created masks of all the characters and the children (and some parents) acted out the story

The birthday boy with his melting cake!!!

Stamps & Labels – Stampin’ Up (you can purchase these products through me!!!)

Harp Cookie Cutter – Harp Connection, USA

Mini Milk bottles – The Little Big Company, Melbourne

Lollies – The professors, Castle Hill Sydney

Food & Decorations – made by me: Dapple Grey

Father’s Day 2012

To celebrate Father’s Day this year I planned a sweet buffet for my husband.  The children were involved in cooking the cookies and the banana bread.  My daughter also helped with decorating.  As you would expect they were extremely excited when it was time to enjoy – with daddy of course!!!  The food was a collection of daddy’s favourite foods.  Some items were made by me and others were purchased!!!

Happy Father’s Day!!!

The Sweets Buffet

Homemade Banana Bread (maybe a little burnt?)

Our little man enjoying his milk

Our big girl loving her milk!

Olympics Party

Prior to having children I taught Physical Education & Sport so as you can imagine I am a lover of the Olympic Games.  To celebrate, my little family hosted a small get together to watch the opening ceremony replay. Although in the end, my husband and I got up at 5.30am to watch, we figured that we wouldn’t be able to watch fully with a house full of kids.

I put together this small simple table for the celebration.  My three year old daughter and I made the paper chains to represent the Olympic rings. She loved making them and was thrilled when I hung them up. She was very excited for the pending party but really didn’t understand what the Olympics was. She kept asking “but who’s party is it?” Sorry darling, no singing of ‘happy birthday’ at this party, although we did have cake.

I purchased a sponge from Woolworths, to save time, filled it with cream and jam and added icing sugar on top.  Some flags from around the world topped it off.  I made the chocolate cup cakes from scratch using a recipe from the Australian Breastfeeding Association Cook Book – I love this book, my mum used it when I was child and she gave me a copy when I was pregnant.

I purchased some individual chocolate bars from Aldi and changed the wrapper to the colours of the olympic rings. I also then printed hollow olympic rings on white paper and the children were then able to colour them in.

I made layered jelly in the colours of the rings, although these didn’t turn out as well as I had planned. I should have put a white layer in between the colours so they stood out better. It ended up just looking dark – if you look closely you can see different colours :)

Lamingtons purchased from Coles gave an Australian taste, jelly beans in the colour of the rings again. Lolly bananas, licorice and red frogs added some more colour. Water served in mini glass bottles with vintage looking red paper straws (available through Dapple Grey) were a hit.  For lunch we had Mini Pizza (Italy), Guinness Pies (Ireland), Hot Dogs (USA) and Sausages (Germany).  Finishing with a fruit platter.

A simple and easy table that was inexpensive and easy to create.

Go Aussies!!!


Party Party Party

I NEED more Children…

Before my friends and family start talking – it’s not what you think. Well maybe a little… It’s no secret I wanted a big family, but my darling husband wasn’t thinking as big as I was, and my plans for this big family was before I had even started a family, and well before I had any idea how hard it actually was. Anyway, we have two beautiful children, our daughter born in April, is three and our son born in January, is one.  So here is my dilemma – party season is over for us….   To add to my dilemma, we now live in Sydney (and have for two years at the end of this month), originally coming from Melbourne.  So even though my closest girlfriends are all starting their families I’m so far away.  Hence, why I need more children…Anybodies children!!!

My latest obsession is party planning!!! And now that my babies birthdays are done and dusted and I have started planning next years events (yes I know they are months away) I need something soon.  I actually just styled a table for a corporate event, but it was in Brisbane.  So I basically just organised lollies in the businesses colours and made a bunting to match. A friend put the table together for me. While the table looked great for the resources she had, it didn’t fulfil my creative bug – I want more. I’m a little bit of perfectionist with creative things and my mind was a buzz with all the ideas… if only it was in Sydney.  Being asked to do this event was a thrill, and came from others seeing my children’s birthday parties. It did get me thinking – is this a possible venture for Dapple Grey???

One of my best girlfriends son is about to turn ONE!!! I’m so excited – but again the party is in Melbourne, and I just don’t think I can fit another trip back in.  Anyway, she came to visit me recently and she wasn’t really sure what to do. I was like OMG – a paaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrtttttttttttttttttttttttttyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!  It’s very hard to have a small party, we have a large group of friends, so does her husband. They are both from large families, and she is close with her work friends. Not to mention that is just the adults – add all the children and it’s huge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was totally excited, but she just put it into the too hard basket.  Yes, it was like a knife in my creative heart.  (I still love you friend x)  Anyway, I told her to get her ‘spirit fingers’ out (think cheerleaders) and start planning – I would help of course.  If I was in Melbourne I probably would have become a control freak and tried to take over – but alas I’m not.  I will keep you updated on her plans – they keep changing. (again said with love dear friend)

A future project for this possible venture is my sisters wedding. She is getting married in December.  I’m thinking a candy bar/dessert table/sweets table (call it as you wish) is a must.  She isn’t so sure yet, I’ve got a few months to talk her round.  She isn’t as over the top with this kind of stuff as I am – although I think I would get her future husband over line!!!

If I had a money tree and money wasn’t an option, I would go crazy with planning my children’s parties.  I’m not much of a cook, but I LOVE to bake… I just don’t do it that often as I then want to eat it all, and that isn’t good for the waistline. (said as I tuck into my third milkyway…shhhhhh)

My daughter’s first birthday was pretty big – 66 adults and 33 children from memory, all in our small three bedroom home.  The theme was “Jungle” as my daughter loved lions and tigers.  I happened to come across an amazing jungle cake in the newspaper. I enquired, but at above $600 – that wasn’t going to happen. I decided to give it a go myself.  I started making animals out of icing a few weeks in advance.  I used two fake layers – of polystyrene, to make the tiers as I didn’t have cake tins big enough.  It turned out better than expected, even though I was painting spots on the giraffe as guests were arriving.  It wasn’t anywhere near perfect like the one in the picture – but I made it, and I was proud.

I got the Art teacher from the school I worked at to create a backdrop – it was the same animals from the invite – it looked spectacular!!!

My mum and I made the birthday girl a lion costume – she was super cute. In the days leading up to her party she would put the hood on a roar – she loved it. But on the day, she wasn’t so happy, so the lion costume didn’t last long.

For my daughters second birthday, we drove from Sydney to Melbourne.  It was at Easter so I made her a rabbit cake.  I had had this cake myself as a little girl when my own birthday fell on Easter.  It was so simple and from the Women’s Weekly Cake Book my mum used. I love this cake book!!!  We didn’t have an actual party, just went to the park with family.  I think we were still recovering from her first birthday!!!

As this entry has become longer than planned – I will do this years events in another blog.   Do you ‘theme’ your children’s parties?  If you don’t have children yet – will you?

Don’t forget to read the previous blog (or look in Competitions) for your chance to win a Dapple Grey $50 gift voucher.  Entires close tomorrow night!!!