Shopping 5th Avenue Style

It’s been a little while since my first post – but I have a good excuse… I have been overseas. I went to America with my husband, and child free!!! I felt guilty doing it, but it was lovely to have some time for us. Since moving interstate we rarely get time together alone, so it was nice to have time to focus on us. We love our children dearly, but I think it is important to keep the spark of your relationship with your partner, and that’s hard with young children. The children had a wonderful time with their grandparents, and they also got to spend time with their cousins. When we got home, my eldest kept saying she didn’t want the new house anymore. Meaning she wanted to be back to Melbourne I think.

I didn’t get to do as much shopping as I had planned, but I did get to shop on 5th Ave in New York City!!! I was lucky enough to have been given a nice wad of cash for my 30th birthday, and it was given to me with the purpose of buying something special for ME!!! I did not disappoint my friends and followed their instructions. My lucky? husband had to follow me on the journey of hitting all the high end stores. I went through them all and slowly!!! My first thought was to get a Burberry trench coat – I have had this on my fashion bucket list for a long time. It is so classic and doesn’t date – I was very close to putting a tick, but then reality hit me – I have a one and three year old – a light colour just isn’t going to work at this stage of my life. I had visions of screaming and running away from my children’s dirty hands, petrified they would dirty said coat. I can’t live my life like that, so sadly it remains on my list.

Next on the list in my head were Burberry gumboots. My husband just didn’t think I would get enough wear out of them. It did rain an awful lot in Sydney during summer!!! And as we head into winter, surely I will get plenty of wear??? He talked me out of them – I didn’t even try them on. Now I do wonder if they would have even gone over my gigantic calves???

Next on the list was a pair of Manolo Blahnik’s – I loved Sex and the City, and loved the blue shoes Carrie wore in her wedding to Big. We found the store as it was closing – the security guard let me in. The pressure to shop quickly was too much and the shoes were very expensive. There is a TV advert on at the moment about not saving those special things, and the lady wears her nice shoes while sitting on the couch – sounds good, but – is this the life for a beautiful pair of shoes. Thought also about Fashions on the Field, but to work an outfit around a pair of shoes was more than my mind could handle at that point of the day. The security guard looked ready to go home, and my husbands face wasn’t much better… We left, no Carrie shoes in hand. I then decided to purchase a handbag.

Back to Prada we went. I had been in earlier and was close to purchasing a bag, but I wanted to check everywhere first. I had been given a Prada purse from my besties for my birthday and getting a matching bag had always been option. I had thought about colours all day in the back of my mind – the matching colour was out of my price range. My husband was over talking about it (he had done well all day) so I just had to choose. I went with charcoal! I LOVE it. It was hard to part with so much money on ONE item – but it is simply divine, and I do feel special carrying it. The customer service was amazing. General stores could take a leaf out of the pages of these stores. I have to admit I was worried I would have a Julia Roberts moment (in Pretty Women) and asked to leave as I am not the type of usual clientele, but it wasn’t like that all. Maybe security watched us more closely I’m not sure??? Plus I have read so many stories of young women putting the latest it bag on their credit card and not eating more than two-minute noddles for a month to pay for it. So I guess an everyday shopper isn’t unheard of anymore. Anyway, I walked out of Prada with my new bag in a giant box, in a giant shopping paper bag (I love paper shopping bags) and a huge smile on my face!!! I love the smell, the feel, the design and most importantly the smile on my face. So now that I am back from my holiday and back into reality, the most beautiful bag in my world has nappies in it!!! Clean ones of course 😉

This is the style of my bag, just in black