Happy 1st Birthday Dapple Grey!!!

It suddenly just occurred to me that Dapple Grey is ONE year old!!! Where did that time go???So much has happened in such a short amount time and I am so thankful to so many.

Firstly, my husband. Thank you for supporting me in this adventure – I know it isn’t easy, but you support me anyway.

My children – Without you, I wouldn’t have started this. You light up my life everyday.

My mum – You are the most amazing and talented women I know. If I can be half the mother you have been to me, my children will be blessed. You were a single mother of 4 children under 7, you worked so hard so we never missed out. I don’t know how you did it, but you did. Your creative talent inspires me daily.

My Nan – while you aren’t here I think of you everyday. I wish you were around to see Dapple Grey. Your sewing talent and eye for detail was amazing. I’m sure you would have sat with me at the markets. Especially the Sydney ones!!!

My friend Annette.F – Without you Dapple Grey would never have happened. You have done everything computer related for me and designed my logo etc. You always answer my questions and give me step by step instructions and advice. I hope you know how talented you are and how eternally grateful I am. If anybody out there would like something done, e-mail me and I will pass on your details to Annette. She is amazing and it’s great to support another stay at home mum!!!

The Bubble Girls, family and friends – You know who you are. Not only are you all my biggest supporters and fans, you are my best friends. Without your support and encouragement I would have given up. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Handmade Love & friends – Jeni from Handmade Love has been a wonderful support and has helped my business to grow. Thank you! Also to the other handmade women on her closed page. You are all so talented and inspire me everyday also. Watching your businesses is truly amazing. Thank you for your support, encouragement and kind words – it is so nice to be a part of such a wonderful community.

So that is the thank you’s out of the way – I’m sorry if I have forgotten you and I’m sure I have missed a few.

To celebrate this special milestone I will be giving away a $50 gift voucher as a thank you for your support.

To enter simply complete the following:
1. sign up to this blog. (if you haven’t already)

2. Like Dapple Grey on facebook (if you haven’t already) www.facebook.com/dapplegreyaustralia

3. Comment on this post

It’s so simple, most of you have already done the first two!!! And PLEASE share with your friends if you wish, so they too can feel the Dapple Grey love.

The winner will be drawn via random.org (or similar site), with the comments on this post being used as the number. Inappropriate and duplicate comments will be deleted. My decision is final. Entries close Friday July 13th, 2012 at midnight. Winner will be drawn and announced within the following week.

Voucher conditions: To be used in a single transaction. Order through me at joanne@dapplegrey.com.au I will delete the items from the store(s), rather than purchasing through the store(s). I also have stock that is not listed, so contact me to find out what is available in the size you require. Voucher can also be used at any markets I attend within the time-frame. Voucher valid for 3 months. One entry per person.
Winner to contact me at joanne@dapplegrey.com.au